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Why choose an SSD


  • Speed

SSDs are preferable to hard drives because they allow you to load programs much more quickly, which is especially noticeable during the boot phase, increasing the performance of the device.


  • Multitasking

SSDs allow you to start multiple programs at the same time, without the computer’s performance being affected.


  • Battery life

Computers that mount a solid state drive generally consume less battery power than those with a classic hard drive, making it more stable and leaving more autonomy for your activities.


  • Temperature

Their use lowers down the heat of devices and helps avoiding damages and easy wear. This translates into proper cooling system operation.


  • Noise

An SSD does not emit any noise, since there is no moving component inside it. This translates into a silent work environment and a longer life for your PC fans.


  • Resistant

An SSD is a very resistant storage system. It has no mechanical components that can break and is designed to resist vibrations. All this is essential if installed on a laptop, since any movement is a potential shock.


  • For gamers

To all those who love video games, not to mention professional gamers, have been using SSDs for a long time, since the loadings of video games themselves are much faster. Any infinitely large map will be loaded in a few seconds.