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HP SSD has continuously innovated and improved on storage technology for every consumer application for both mainstream and enthusiast computer systems. Compared with traditional spinning platter hard drive storage devices, upgrading to HP SSD will improve your overall computing experience, such as: faster read and write speeds, shorter computer boot times, better responsiveness, excellent shock resistance and durability.Coming from the leading PC Brand, HP SSD are built better beginning from research, design, and all the way through strict quality control in the manufacturing process. This is the HP Brand philosophy in action.
HP SSD are fully compliant with the HP DST self test preinstallation environment, which means that it is 100% compatible and works reliably with all contemporary consumer HP PC’s. HP SSD is supported by a Global network of service locations and also a local 800-number for service and support. You can also find additional information and supporting documentation on the HP product web site.